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I am curious to try champaca flower essence after reading this:

“Those who are familiar with the Nag Champa incense may find champaca scent to be somewhat similar. The reason being that Nag Champa incense incorporates halmaddi, a grey, semi-liquid resin taken from the Alianthus tree, which smells very similar to champaca flower.”

— from “Champaca Flowers vs. Nag Champa Incense” by Ayala Sender, from her SmellyBlog.

I think my opinion has changed since I wrote this a year ago, but I’ll shar it with you nonetheless:

“Top: Stemmy, woody green with an herbaceousness.  Then a touch of coconut emerges, and some kind of flower that’s making my head hurt.

Later: Flowers dominate the rest of the composition.  Could there be pepper?  The tree is in bloom.  Later, flowers recede to reveal milky coconutty fruit.”

Fig notes generally project from my skin as leaf green and coconut (and maybe woods).  The various fig perfumes on the market today emphasize different aspects of this composition.

This list is my first, from my very first month of incense appreciation.  As such, I actually don’t have much incense to choose from at this point.

  1. Kunmeido Reiryo Koh
  2. Nippon Kodo Mainichi-Koh Viva Sandalwood
  3. Baieido Koh / Sawayaka Kobunboku
  4. Kyukyodo Ikaruga
  5. Kyukyodo Yumemachi
  6. Kyukyodo Shiun
  7. Baieido Kobunboku
  8. Tennendo Frankincense
  9. Nippon Kodo Ka-fuh Hinoki
  10. Baieido Tokusen Kobunboku

Although I haven’t actually posted any content yet,  I’ll be posting some soon.  Tidbits, since I’m busy.  Perhaps it’ll be a writing warm up place for me.  Let’s see where it goes.

–At any rate, I’m adding incense to the reviews and thoughts on this site.  The original intent was for personal notes on perfumes alone.  Since there’s no content, this means no adjustment for you.

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